Mizuno Covert(-3) Adult/High School Bat

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For 110 years, Mizuno has been at the forefront of creating the highest-performing baseball gear for athletes. This passion rules every product that we create, so when our bat engineers obsessed over creating the largest sweet spot of any bat on the market, you can bet they designed the best performing bats in the world. This led to new innovations like Hot Metal™ Alloy and CORTECH™ design to give you at least a 35% larger sweet spot. You'll thank our obsession every time you round the bases.


  • Hot Metal™ Alloy + CORTECH™ design = 35% larger sweet spot.
  • Patented 2 PC Link™ Construction: Hybrid design combines an alloy barrel with composite handle for ultimated combination of performance & vibration reduction.
  • Single-wall aluminum alloy barrel: Great performance & sound.
  • Super-Helix Grip™: Provides tack and great feel.
  • Lower, more balanced swing weight for increased swing speed.
  • BBCOR certified, approved for NCAA & NFHS play
  • Barrel Diameter: 2 5/8"

*NOTICE ON TEST PROCEDURES: Mizuno’s 33" BBCOR bat and 3 leading competitors’ 33" BBCOR bats were tested according to ASTM F2219 "Standard Test Methods for Measuring High-Speed Bat Performance." "Sweet Spot" is defined as the locations where BBCOR (calculated using ASTM F2219) is above 0.490 from the "performance curve." The "performance curve" was determined by measuring BBCOR every inch from four inches to eight inches from the distal end of the bat.