About us


Since 1988, Scoreboard Sports has been providing the highest quality gear to athletes, corporate employees and national organizations.

As a premier brand partner, we offer the highest quality products from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, and many more. We service our valued customers both in our retail stores, online and through our professional sales associates.

Would you like your team/organization name or logo customized on name brand apparel? No problem. At Scoreboard, we provide the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to outfit your team/organization when it comes to quality customized and decorated apparel. Our national sales team is standing by to help with your next order and ensure that you are lead through the decoration process in a quick and efficient manner.

Why trust Scoreboard Sports for your next custom order?

Quicker Order Processing & Delivery

We don’t outsource your jobs. Other vendors often times require months to process and ship your custom apparel because they are sending the printing to a 3 rd party decorator. We do all of this in-house making sure your order gets out the door faster.

Reliable Service and Quality

Fewer mistakes are made because there is no middle man.

Affordable Apparel & Customization

We can offer the best possible pricing because of our long relationships with top brands and because we own and operate our decoration equipment. No outsourcing means lower prices for you.

Questions? Call Toll Free: 877.407.3500